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Hello there!

*A virtual handshake*

If you have reached here, it means you are someone who has fine tastes and makes finer choices in life. So, first things first. Let me thank you for making a fine choice to be here and read what I write. Thank you for keeping your precious moments aside.

Second, what or how do I even tell about myself? That question will always perplex me, even on my death bed. Still, I’ll try. Until 1999 I was the best thing that happened to my parents. Then my brother happened. After that, I became someone equally best. Sigh!

Despite my parents’ best conjugal efforts to make a classic specimen like me, I have never managed to click a good photo of myself in these 25 years of existence! Would you believe that? So, until I click one, kindly make do with the image of my favorite creature expressing best what I feel when someone reads what I write – OVERWHELMED.

(Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash)

Now, before you leave, you fine person with finer choices, please look at the Divine Camera and smile. He’s/She’s/It’s watching.

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